Nüttree s'engage auprès de l'organisation 1% For The Planet

Nüttree commits to the 1% For The Planet organization

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It's decided and it's launched! Nüttree is committed to the 1% For The Planet association! 💚

I am very happy to have made this partnership a reality. Engaging Nüttree in a process of protecting our environment was obvious.
However, within Nüttree, we do not have the necessary expertise to develop our own environmental donations strategy, which is why we have chosen to donate 1% of our turnover to associations approved by the 1% For The Planet movement.

Experts specializing in different environmental issues; climate, pollution, food, water... men and women who know the problems - and the environmental solutions. We trust them!

This partnership will also allow us to follow the actions carried out by the movement more closely and we will be happy to share them with you!

See you soon !

Leslie de Nüttree