My story with nüttree

Leslie Hoebeke I Founder

The adventure with Nüttree started in 2019, with a great Franco-American friend, Tania. She created the first energy ball recipes... Delicious, healthy and great in terms of energy! I immediately fell in love with these little balls which allowed me to get a little boost at any time of the day and satisfy my gourmet impulses!

It was then that I compared these snacks to the others offered to us in stores or vending machines... Final verdict! Cereal bars most often contain added sugars, preservatives or other additives and are ultra-processed...

That's when I decided to quit my job to start Nüt'Aventure!

Nüttree then opened my eyes wider to the impact of our way of consuming on the environment. Particularly on our meat consumption. I decided at the end of 2019 to stop eating animal foods. I learned to cook again and I intend to develop the Nüttree range in the coming months to offer real plant & protein alternatives to all those who wish to favor plant proteins over animal proteins.


Getting students involved in the development of Nüttree is a real shared opportunity! Involving them in a concrete and exciting project is a way of making them want to get involved and create real value in the company. This is why at Nüttree we regularly work with interns and work-study contracts.

They made Nüttree history

The Nüt'Team since the beginning of the adventure

Nüttree launches its first range of energy balls!

It all started with Tania, my Franco-American friend, a brilliant cook who created the first energy ball recipes for which I completely fell in love!