Laits végétaux, lait d'amande, lait de soja, lait de riz


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At Nüttree we are a fan of plant-based milks which are made from cereals or oilseeds.⁣

They each have their properties and benefits:⁣

Soy milk 🌱 is closest to cow's milk (1/2 skimmed), it is rich in protein and low in saturated fatty acids. ⁣
👉 We like to use it to cook delicious dishes⁣

Oat milk 🌾 is very interesting in terms of nutritional intake. It is rich in fiber, magnesium and iron, unsaturated fatty acids.⁣
👉 We love its cereal taste and we use it for our porridges and hot chocolates🍫⁣

Rice milk 🍚 is practically devoid of proteins and lipids, it is almost only made up of very digestible carbohydrates. It is rich in silica, a compound that promotes calcium fixation. Gluten and lactose free, rice milk is one of the most digestible milks. ⁣
👉 We love its sweet taste, which makes it a children’s favorite!⁣

Almond milk is sweet, light and digestible. It is appreciated by fragile intestines and people who do not like the taste of milk. Almost devoid of fat, it is low in calories.⁣
👉 We love it for making our pastries 🍪⁣

There are still many varieties that we invite you to discover if you have not already done so!! ⁣

🤓 And when possible, choose milks enriched with calcium, because it is very little present naturally in plant milks and your body needs it.⁣

So try a plant-based milk may be pleasantly surprised! 🌱⁣

The Nüt’Team⁣