Encas sain encas énergétique au bureau

An energetic snack at the office

To keep up the pace in the middle of the day, there's nothing better than taking a fun break! But be careful, a pleasure break means balanced and healthy while remaining delicious! We offer you a snack composed of our Nüttree Energy-Balls (but not only) for maximum energy and deliciousness!

To keep up the pace in the middle of the day, there's nothing better than taking a pleasure break ;) But be careful, a pleasure break means a balanced, healthy and above all delicious break!

So, what is a GOOD snack?

It is important to think about what a balanced snack is, and in our opinion, it is a snack that contains minimally processed products, rich in nutrients (for energy) and respectful of the environment .

To do this, the best thing is to say no to the ultra-sweet and ultra-processed snacks that you find in office vending machines! Instead, direct your choice towards healthy and natural snacks, we present some of them to you in this blog!

To have energy you have to consume products that are rich in it! That is to say foods that are a source of carbohydrates, fiber and proteins. And as you may have read in the article which deals with ultra-processed industrial snacks , nothing beats minimally processed products because the nutrients they contain are assimilated correctly and therefore have maximum nutritional potential!

To recharge your batteries you also have to have fun! And in the Nüt'Team we believe that a balanced snack is also a snack that gives you pleasure and deliciousness.

The perfect combo!

So to respect the codes of a gourmet snack, minimally processed, rich in nutrients, respectful of the environment and easy to transport, we offer you a sweet break composed of:


  • Nüttree Energy-Balls are made only from seeds, cereals, nuts and dried fruits . These ingredients are just mixed together so are a natural source of fiber, proteins and carbohydrates. This concentrate of good nutrients will provide energy for the whole day.

Psst... we recommend choco-coconut to find the comfort of chocolate or fig-chia which acts as an appetite suppressant with its chia seeds ;)

In addition, with only 64 kilocalories per Energy-Balls you can afford to complete your snack with other treats!

  • To accompany the Nüttree Energy-Ball, there's nothing like a good glass of vegetable milk rich in minerals: oat milk without added sugar, for example.
  • And for a touch of freshness, a cold-pressed fruit juice! And yes, cold-pressed juices have many benefits. In fact, it is the absence of heat treatment which allows, on the one hand, to preserve the vitamins and nutrients and on the other hand, to preserve the good taste of fresh fruit (guaranteed deliciousness).
Psst... We fell for the Kookabara brand which offers its cold-pressed fruit juices with super original flavors and an easy-to-carry format!

    And if you like to vary the pleasures, you can reuse your bags of Nüttree Energy-Balls by filling them with dried fruit or Energy-Balls bought in bulk for the next day's break! ;)

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