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Cocoa: Good for morale but not only that! Cocoa is rich in antioxidant compounds that help fight depression, protect the cardiovascular system and fight against cellular aging! But it is also rich in micro-nutrients like Magnesium...

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Cocoa: Good for morale but not only that!

Where is he from ?

Cocoa is harvested in the form of pods and most often in tropical areas of the world such as South America and more precisely the Amazon.

The cocoa pods are harvested then opened to extract the beans. These beans are fermented for several days to allow the characteristic aromas of cocoa to develop. Finally, these beans are usually dried in the sun in thin layers for several days.

At Nüttree we use lean cocoa, that is to say stripped of its fat, which gives cocoa powder that is 100% natural and rich in benefits. It comes from the Dominican Republic and Bolivia.

What benefits?

Improves psychological health

Cocoa has been proven to be a food that helps fight psychological disorders such as depression. It is its richness in flavanols, powerful antioxidants, which makes it an anti-depressant food.

The antioxidant but also anti-inflammatory, vasodilatory and even anti-coagulant properties of flavanols help improve mood! It is therefore better to consume lean cocoa rather than chocolate because pure cocoa contains many more flavanols than chocolate which contains additional fat.

Fight against oxidative stress

Like many of the ingredients that make up our Energy-Balls, cocoa is rich in polyphenols which are formidable antioxidants, like this famous flavanol, and which when consumed will attack free radicals! These free radicals accelerate the degradation of our cells and therefore our aging, so it is important to fight against their action through diet.

More specifically, some of the polyphenols in cocoa, flavonoids, oppose the alteration of the collagen that makes up our skin, which slows down aging. Cocoa also has moisturizing properties that improve the appearance and texture of the skin and provide photo-protection against UV rays.

Provides magnesium

Its exceptional magnesium content of around 500mg per 100g is a real asset for health! It is recommended to consume around 340 mg of magnesium per day for an adult! It is important to know the foods that contain it so as not to be deficient. Magnesium is involved in a number of cellular functions, it is therefore vital for our body and cocoa is a key food to have a sufficient intake.

So ! You now know that cocoa is good for morale, but not only that! So don’t hesitate to consume it in our 100% natural Energy-Balls: Cocoa-Hazelnut
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