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Why do all our energy balls contain oatmeal?

Where do they come from ?

Oats come from the grass family and are native to Asia. At the time, this cereal was cultivated exclusively for animal feed because it was found to have a stimulating action. But today, it is a product widely used in human food which has many virtues.

Oatmeal contains gluten but its protein composition is not the same as wheat. Numerous studies show that the gluten in oats is much less allergenic and is therefore edible for people with celiac disease.

At Nüttree, as we like to take care of you, we have decided to avoid any risk of allergies so we use 100% gluten-free oat flakes which come from Denmark.

What benefits?

Low glycemic index

The oat flakes that we use in all our energy ball recipes have a low glycemic index of 40. This is possible because they are raw oat flakes. A low glycemic index is very beneficial for health because it does not induce a glycemic peak, which is interesting for people with diabetes. To find out more, do not hesitate to read our blog which concerns type II diabetes and blood sugar levels.

When these oat flakes are cooked or precooked as in most industrial breakfast cereals, this glycemic index is greatly increased. This is explained by the fact that the starch present becomes easier to digest and therefore the sugar will be delivered into the blood more quickly. There will therefore be a risk of a blood sugar peak which will be followed by hypoglycemia, this reduces the feeling of satiety!

Oatmeal is therefore very interesting because it is rich in carbohydrates and has a low glycemic index, which is what every athlete is looking for! And yes, carbohydrates are the body's fuel during a sporting effort so if we consume them before physical activity they will allow progressive use of glucose as an energy source! muscle arm Icon 3107672

Rich in fiber

The 10.6% fiber contained in oatmeal is the source of many benefits for our body!

First, these fibers will facilitate transit and can avoid constipation problems.

They also slow down the absorption of carbohydrates, which once again allows you to have energy for longer and not feel sluggish an hour after consumption.

And that's not all ! These fibers have the power to lower blood cholesterol levels, it also helps to increase the feeling of satiety after consuming oatmeal.

Protein sources

With these 12% proteins, oatmeal is a very good source of vegetable proteins which is an asset for muscle development and the establishment of the feeling of satiety.

Besides, if you want to learn more about plant proteins, go to this blog arrow Icon 3134198 What are the benefits of plant proteins for our health?


So !
You will have understood that our raw oat flakes are perfect for providing a feeling of satiety and allies for sports practice.
So don’t hesitate to discover them in ALL our Energy-Balls Nüttree recipes

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