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Organic Almonds

Almonds are nuts that provide you with numerous health benefits through a significant contribution of proteins but also of fiber, minerals and good fatty acids.
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Where do they come from?

The whole almonds that you find in our Energy Balls come from Sicily.

What benefits?

A high level of protein

How ? The almond is a nut which contains a large proportion of vegetable proteins on average 23%. In addition, these proteins are composed of amino acids with beneficial properties for our body.

The interests : Almonds contain arginine , an amino acid that has been shown to have effects on energy metabolism . Also, arginine could help improve blood circulation in the arteries of the heart and thus prevent certain cardiovascular diseases.

Rich in dietary fiber

How ? Almonds are made up of a large proportion of fibers which have properties.

Benefits: These fibers help normalize intestinal transit and promote the feeling of satiety. A diet rich in soluble fiber helps stabilize blood glucose and insulin levels, which helps treat cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Filled with vitamins and trace elements

Vitamins : rich in vitamin E, almonds participate in the protection of cells, in fact this vitamin is an antioxidant which helps fight against cell aging caused by free radicals.

Minerals : excellent sources of Magnesium , almonds contribute to muscle relaxation , nerve transmission and the proper functioning of the immune system .


So ! You understand better why we offer you 3 Energy Balls made up of these precious Almonds:
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