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Organic flax seeds

Brown flax seed, a superfood! Rich in good fatty acids and fiber, flax seeds are essential for staying healthy. Their action is broad: immunity, diabetes, cholesterol... it is better to have it in your diet!
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Flax seeds are part of the superfood category thanks to their exceptional content of omega-3, good fatty acids that protect our heart! There are other superfoods such as chia seeds, matcha tea or goji berries ;)

Where do flax seeds come from?

The flax seeds that we use to make our delicious vegan Energy-Balls are brown flax seeds. They come from Eastern European countries: Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and come from organic sectors.

For proper assimilation of the nutrients it contains, it is necessary to reduce them to powder before adding them to the other ingredients. The reason ? These seeds are protected by a fairly thick covering which is not digestible for our body.

Making a brown flaxseed powder increases the digestibility of our products and releases the benefits of flaxseed.

What are the benefits of flax seeds?

Rich in fatty acids good for health

But what is a good fatty acid? These are essential fatty acids (EFAs) of the omega-3 and omega-6 type. They have a beneficial role for the body, in fact they reduce susceptibility to infections and stimulate the antibody response to bacterial and viral attacks (= anti-inflammatory action).

Flax seeds are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids in the form of alpha-linolenic acid and, unlike omega-6, these have anti-inflammatory properties. this function makes it possible to fight against chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes or even Crohn's disease.

And on top of that, fatty acids of this type help rebalance the intestinal microbiota by diversifying the flora present!

These seeds also contain very important omega-6 and omega-9 since they provide an optimal ratio of essential fatty acids.

This is what makes it a superfood !

Fiber intake

Like many plants, flaxseed contains a significant quantity of fiber which helps regulate intestinal transit and ensure the balance of the microbiota.

These fibers also help regulate blood sugar because insoluble fiber slows down the release of sugar into the blood and thus avoids excessive glycemic peaks involved in type 2 diabetes ( see our article on this subject! ).

They also help reduce cholesterol, which is a major advantage in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease!

But that's not all ! These fibers which slow down digestion in the stomach help to slow down the feeling of hunger thanks to a hormonal mechanism, this can help in weight loss situations.

Supply of bioactive compounds

Flaxseeds are composed of lignans which help fight hormone-dependent cancers such as breast, prostate or colon cancer. It’s the edible seed that contains the most!

So ! You now know that to stay healthy you need to eat flax seeds! And you can start by discovering our recipe which contains it: the Hazelnut Cranberry Energy-Ball
New recipe using flax seeds coming soon! Stay tuned!
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