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Organic Cranberries

Organic cranberries: benefits for everyone! Learn more about their origin and benefits in this blog.
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Where do they come from?

Cranberries are small berries that are picked from a shrub mainly found in North America. They can be confused with cranberries or lingonberries, but even if these three fruits come from the same family of shrubs, they differ in their variety!

At Nüttree it is cranberries harvested in the United States that we buy to develop our recipes! These cranberries are infused in apple juice to make them soft and prevent them from sticking together.

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What are their strengths ?

Prevents urinary infections

Proanthocyanidins are molecules with a crazy name but nevertheless essential in the action of cranberry against urinary infections! They are present in the pigments of cranberry berries and inhibit the adhesion of bacteria such as Escherichia coli against the lining of the urinary tract and bladder.

And what's more, cranberry helps deodorize urine, which brings comfort to those affected.

A high concentration of minerals

Cranberry is interesting for athletes thanks to its richness in zinc and magnesium.

Zinc is essential during physical exertion because it participates in protein synthesis and therefore muscle renewal. A zinc deficiency negatively impacts physical performance, so it is important to have a sufficient intake of this mineral.

Magnesium, for its part, is also an essential mineral because our body cannot produce or store it, so we must provide it through food. For an athlete, it is all the more important since it is essential for neuromuscular functioning, so a deficiency leads to a deterioration in performance and recovery difficulties.

Simply good for your health

Cranberries have many other health benefits, notably thanks to their antioxidant content which fights against free radicals and therefore plays a protective and anti-aging role. These antioxidants are also beneficial against bad cholesterol!


So ! You now know that cranberries have benefits for everyone, so don't hesitate to discover them in our Energy-Balls recipe: Peanuts-Cranberry !

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