La Noix de Coco Bio

Organic Coconut

Coconut is full of benefits and that is why we have selected it for 3 of our healthy and natural Energy-Balls recipes! Good for immunity, for digestion, to fight against the onset of chronic illness, its richness in fiber, proteins and trace elements makes coconut a safe ally for your snacks and breakfasts!
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Where is she from ?

The coconut that you find in 3 of our Energy-Balls is an exotic fruit found in the Philippines. It is harvested from Cocos Nucifera which we know as coconut palms and is harvested from November to February.

This grated coconut is obtained following the drying of peeled, washed, grated, sterilized and sifted coconut kernels. It is a relatively sensitive product which must be stored in special conditions: away from heat and humidity.

You should know that coconut is very rich in lipids, so it is preferable to consume this food moderately! Despite everything, it is a food full of benefits for our health!

What are its benefits ?

Richness in trace elements

Manganese! A relatively little-known micronutrient but nevertheless beneficial for our body and in particular against oxidative stress. It fights the free radials which are at the origin of the oxidation of our cells, thus helping to slow down the aging of our body.

Copper also helps fight oxidative stress, but not only that! It allows the formation of hemoglobin and collagen which is essential for a well-structured body.

There is also a significant proportion of zinc contained in dried coconut, which helps strengthen the immune system, promote the development of a fetus but also heal wounds.

Fibers, fibers and more fibers

Coconut is obviously rich in fiber, which is essential for a balanced diet. Fibers allow good transit and also prove to be formidable allies in preventing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Its richness in fiber also helps generate a feeling of satiety, which can be interesting for people looking to lose weight.

Protein intake

Coconut contains proteins, these are vital for building our body and therefore always have a beneficial effect on it.

These proteins also have a positive impact on blood lipids by promoting the creation of good cholesterol, so they are to be favored.


So ! No more reason not to indulge in 3 of our natural snacks that contain this famous grated coconut:
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