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Organic Hazelnuts

Eating Hazelnuts is good for your health! Rich in minerals, good fatty acids and high in energy, hazelnuts help fight fatigue, cardiovascular diseases, oxidative stress and are ideal for physical activity.
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Where do they come from?

Our organic hazelnuts come from Turkey where they are dried at low temperature and stored away from light and heat. This allows their nutritional values ​​to be preserved.

What are the benefits of eating hazelnuts?

An anti-cholesterol fruit

Hazelnuts are one of the oilseeds richest in omega-9, which regulates cholesterol levels by reducing bad cholesterol and protecting the arteries. In addition, they contain few saturated fatty acids which are not sought after.

Highly energetic

Hazelnuts are strongly recommended for sports practice, in fact thanks to their significant energy contribution it is advisable to consume them before a sporting activity to be in the best possible physical condition. Also, the presence of magnesium contributes to the proper functioning of metabolism and helps fight fatigue.

Provide a feeling of satiety

Thanks to its protein content of around 15g/100g and its high fiber content, hazelnuts provide a feeling of satiety and are therefore ideal for small cravings.

Help fight oxidative stress

These nuts are rich in antioxidants but also in vitamin E and manganese which protect cells from free radicals. This slows down the aging of cells, which is a source of neuronal damage and factors in degenerative neurological diseases.


So ! It is for all these reasons that you find hazelnuts in our Hazelnut-Cranberry Energy Ball recipe!
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