Encas gourmand figue

Organic Figs

Organic dried figs are ideal for athletes but also suitable for occasional snacks thanks to their high energy potential and their benefits for the body.
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Where do they come from?

The organic dried figs that we use to make the Fig-Chia Energy Ball are Lérida figs which come from Turkey. These figs are harvested when ripe, dried in the sun then flattened, it is during this process that they develop all their aromas and benefits.

What are the benefits?

Dried figs are interesting from a nutritional point of view since in the dried fig we find all the benefits of the fresh fig but in 3 times more concentrated.

Known for their richness in fiber

How ? Dried figs contain twice as much fiber as fresh figs, i.e. 9.7%. These insoluble fibers are located in the skin and in the seeds of the fig.

Benefits: Fiber intake helps effectively combat constipation problems by improving intestinal transit. In addition, dried fig contains magnesium which also has a laxative role.

An ally of athletes

How ? Dried figs are a concentrate of energy and minerals, plus they have an average glycemic index of 50.

Benefits: Figs are good to consume before physical exercise to provide the body with energy through carbohydrate intake. A so-called average glycemic index indicates that sugars will be gradually released into the blood after consumption of figs, which is sought during physical endurance exercise.

Low calorie

Figs contain on average fewer calories than other fruits, especially when dried, these contain around 69 kcal/100g compared to 86 kcal/100g on average for fruits.


So ! You probably understand better why we chose dried fig to make our delicious Fig-Chia En ergy Ball !
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