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Organic Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a superfood that can do good for your body through an anti-oxidant, detoxifying and stimulating action.
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Matcha tea is known and recognized for being a superfood thanks to its powerful antioxidants which help fight against cellular aging!

Where is she from ?

The Matcha Tea powder we use comes from China. Matcha corresponds to young tea leaves from the tea plant and originates from Japan. This drink was consumed in Buddhist monasteries. For the Japanese, the consumption of this tea represents an art and is part of a ritual called the tea ceremony.

What are the benefits of Matcha tea powder?

More interesting than coffee

How ? Both Matcha and coffee contain caffeine, which helps combat a loss of energy. However, when coffee allows an instantaneous boost of energy but followed by a rapid drop in energy, Matcha for its part, thanks to the presence of an amino acid, allows a gradual release of caffeine which avoids the feeling of reduced energy a few hours after consumption. Matcha tea is therefore a food that has a more lasting stimulating effect than coffee .

An ally for weight loss

How ? Thanks to the presence of a powerful antioxidant: epigallocatechin gallate.

The benefits: This molecule accelerates metabolism, stops the growth of fats in cells and does not modify blood sugar levels , which regulates appetite and avoids compulsive eating. It is therefore possible to promote weight loss when Matcha tea is consumed before a sporting activity.

A detox food

How ? The fact that Matcha tea is obtained without oxidation of the leaves implies that the chlorophyll concentration is very high, this is observed by the bright green color of the powder.

Benefits: By increasing the production of red blood cells, chlorophyll allows better transport of oxygen in the body and therefore better evacuation of waste , it is therefore qualified as a detoxifying molecule for the body.

So ! Matcha tea no longer has any secrets for you, you can test its virtues in the Matcha-Goji Energy Ball !
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