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Organic dried apples

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Dried apples: a fun and healthy food!

Where do they come from?

The dried apples that we use in our recipes are of the Golden variety and come from Turkey. They were grown in compliance with the rules of organic farming. Once harvested, they are washed, peeled, cleaned and then dried.

What benefits?

Rich in potassium

Dried apples are rich in micronutrients and especially potassium! Its consumption is essential for the proper functioning of the body, it is therefore important to provide it through food.

Potassium mainly plays a role in muscle contraction and the transmission of nerve messages, but it is involved in other functions of the body.


Dried apples contain more carbohydrates than fresh apples since drying helps concentrate the nutrients! It is carbohydrates that provide energy to the body, so it is essential to consume them during an active day or during sports practice.

In our energy balls, we do not add any sugar, we rely only on the sugar naturally present in dried fruits and it is much better for your health. Indeed, the body knows better how to metabolize sugars which are trapped in their natural matrix such as apples for example.

Consumption of natural sugars makes it possible to avoid blood sugar peaks, which are very bad for your health because they cause an insulin peak and then hypoglycemia. And following this hypoglycemia the body will feel hungry more quickly and this mechanism can also lead to the development of type II diabetes because of too frequent use of insulin.

Provide fiber

Dried apples are fruits rich in fiber with around 8.7g per 100g. The presence of fiber helps improve digestion and is beneficial in combating the accumulation of bad cholesterol.

Fiber also helps slow the absorption of sugar into the blood because it allows its gradual release, which also helps reduce the glycemic peak.

So ! Don't hesitate to fall for our Energy-Ball which combines the sweetness of cinnamon with the good sweet taste of dried apples!
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