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Organic Dried Apricots

Dried apricots are perfect for physical exertion thanks to their high energy intake and their benefits for your health.
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Where do they come from ?

Our Dried Apricots come from Turkey, the variety used is the most suitable for drying since these apricots have a low water content and are very sweet and aromatic. Dried apricot retains the nutritional properties of a fresh apricot in proportions 4 to 5 times greater.

What benefits?

Very energetic

How ? Very rich in carbohydrates, dried apricots are 5 times more energetic than fresh apricots.

Benefits: Consuming dried apricots before physical exercise helps create an anti-fatigue effect and provides energy.

An interesting source of fiber

How ? Like most dried fruits, dried apricots are very rich in fiber.

Benefits: These fibers have many benefits: facilitate intestinal work, provide a feeling of satiety or even help regulate cholesterol .

One of the dried fruits richest in minerals

How ? It is the dried fruit richest in potassium, it is also rich in phosphorus and pro-vitamin A.

Benefits: Potassium plays a role in muscle function which makes it effective in cases of cramp. Pro-vitamin A or beta-carotene is known to improve vision and have an anti-oxidant effect .

So ! Dried Apricots are useful to support you in your physical efforts but also in your daily diet.
For a boost of energy, find our dried apricots in the Energy Ball: Apricots x Espelette pepper .
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