Les Graines de Chia Bio

Organic Chia Seeds

Chia seed is a superfood that is full of benefits thanks to a high concentration of proteins, the presence of antioxidants, minerals and good amino acids.

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What are the secrets of one of the superfoods present in our recipes?

Chia seeds are superfoods and they owe it to their high omega-3 content, just like flax seeds !

Where do chia seeds come from?

Our Chia seeds come from Latin America and more precisely from Peru. They are dark, oilseed seeds with a fairly neutral taste that come from a herbaceous plant related to sage.

What benefits?

Very rich in good fatty acids

How ? Chia seeds are rich in omega-3, containing more than fatty fish, and contain omega-6 in significant quantities.

Interests: Omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids known as alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid are essential fatty acids. Our body does not know how to make them, so it is essential to have a supply through our diet.

Omega-3s : These have an anti-inflammatory action, act against the symptoms of depression or bipolarity, they are essential in brain development . They increase “good” cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks. They are also involved in the prevention of asthma and dementia , in reducing liver fat, strengthening bones and reducing waist circumference. Ultimately, they provide the body with energy .

Omega-6 : These contribute to bone health , hair growth, good brain functioning, the regulation of metabolism and the reduction of allergic reactions .

Guaranteed protein intake

How ? These seeds contain 23g of protein per 100g, an ideal solution for Vegan or Vegetarian people.

Interests: These proteins are composed of tryptophan, an essential amino acid which is involved in the synthesis of serotonin allowing the regulation of mood and sleep .

Rich in minerals

How ? Their calcium content is 7 times higher than that of cow's milk and their magnesium content is higher than that of dark chocolate.

The interests :

Calcium : plays a role in bone strength but also in muscle contraction , blood clotting and nerve transmission.

Magnesium : participates, among other things, in cardiac function, lipid metabolism , regulation of blood sugar and blood pressure. Magnesium has also been shown to help relieve pre-menstrual pain , menstruation and migraines.

Help fight oxidative stress 

How ? The presence of flavonoids and vitamin E in significant quantities makes Chia seed an anti-oxidant ingredient.

Interests: Vitamin E is known to have strong antioxidant power, likewise, flavonoids help fight against cell oxidation and counter the deleterious effect of free radicals.

So ! Chia Seeds no longer have any secrets for you so don't hesitate to take advantage of their virtues in two of our Energy Balls:
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