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Organic Sunflower seeds

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Sunflower seeds: discover their many benefits!

Where do they come from?

The sunflower seeds that we use in our recipes are harvested in Bulgaria then shelled in France. Their Latin name is Helianthus annuus and have many virtues!

Sunflower seeds are generally cultivated to produce sunflower oil, well known for its health benefits, but their seeds are also very beneficial.

What benefits?

Rich in omega-6

Sunflower seeds are rich in omega-6, unsaturated fatty acids that are healthier than saturated fatty acids. Indeed, saturated fatty acids increase blood cholesterol, which predisposes to cardiovascular risks and other health problems.

It is therefore recommended to consume products rich in unsaturated fatty acids and to have an intake of one molecule of omega-3 for every 5 molecules of omega-6. Flax and chia seeds, for example, are rich in omega-3.

Bioavailable protein intake

Sunflower seeds are also interesting for their richness in proteins and, what's more, in proteins that are very available for our body and therefore of high quality! This is because unlike other seeds, sunflower seed proteins contain very little or no anti-nutritional factors that limit protein absorption, so they are metabolized very well by the body.

Health benefits

Generally speaking, sunflower seeds have many health benefits and are also used for pharmaceutical applications. For example, their diuretic and expectorant effect makes it possible to treat urinary infections, bronchitis, pulmonary infections and even colds.

They are also useful for reducing the risk of developing colon cancer, the severity of hot flashes for postmenopausal women and even complications in diabetics.

And more curiously, they are also used to treat a snake bite or a scorpion sting. It is also interesting to use sunflower oil as a massage oil because this oil helps treat dermatological lesions such as psoriasis.

So ! You now know that sunflower seeds are full of benefits!
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